Marika Varga, Management Trainee with Centara in Thailand

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What’s it like doing a 12 month placement in Thailand?

Marika Varga from the University of Huddersfield did a 12 month Management Trainee placement year with a 5 Star hotel in Krabi, Thailand. Here’s her feedback!

Marika Varga during her placement year in Thailand

Marika Varga during her placement year in Thailand

What did you learn from doing a placement year in Thailand?

My time in Thailand has been a whirlwind of experiences. I have learnt so much from different cultures and people around the world and most importantly how to work in the hotel industry that never sleeps.

In England we are very multi cultured, however meeting a guest who comes directly from said country is completely different to the people I meet in England who have accustomed to the British life. I have learnt to be gentle to some guests and straight forward with others, I have learnt which guests need more attention and who just need the basics explaining to them, I have learnt how to work with the Thai staff to work efficiently, I have learnt how to speak a little bit of Thai also, can say the greetings, numbers and also how to ask for help, how much and where are you going, along with other sayings.

I have also made friends with people from Thailand, Taiwan, China, Philippines and Indonesia since being here and they have also taught me about their cultural experiences and we can swap and help each other with our native languages.

Hospitality placements at 5 star hotels in Thailand

The 5 Star hotel where Marika worked in Krabi, Thailand

What did you do on your days off in Thailand?

I have been able to travel on my days off and I have tried to visit many locations whilst being here for self-pleasure but also to recommend locations to the guests. I have been to Phi Phi Island, 4 Islands (Railey, Poda, Chicken and Tub), Hong Island, James Bond Island, Emerald Pool and Hot springs, Tiger Temples, Bangkok, Phuket town, Ko Samui (Chaweng), Koh Lanta, Nakon Si Thammarat and many more locations around Krabi.

Time off in Thailand - Marika Varga from University of Huddersfield relaxing during a day off from her placement in Thailand

Marika Varga relaxing during time off while on placement in Thailand











How do you travel to work in Thailand?

To get to my work place, I can either take a speedboat which takes around 10-15 minutes with the beautiful back drop of the islands that surround Ao Nang and for the majority of the time, the beautiful weather. The second option is to go by the ‘Monkey trail’ which again takes 10-15 minutes but by walking, nice spot of exercise in the morning and working at 6am its a nice way to wake up and get ready for the day and we also get lucky and can see the monkey families that roam the trail.

Marika Varga walking past monkeys on her way to work at her placement year in Thailand

Walking to work on a placement year in Thailand!

How would you describe your experience on placement in Thailand?

Working here has been an incredible experience, I have learnt so much and gained so many new experiences and skills that I could not have learnt anywhere else. I would like to thank the Room Division Manager for the very first interview I had with her before coming to Thailand, the first person who made me feel comfortable and to all my colleagues who have helped me with the work and also helped me feel at home.

Work hard and then enjoy your time off placement in Thailand

Time off in Thailand!


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Jason Billam - Plymouth University

“I wanted to personally thank you for all the help you've given me the last few months, and for allowing me to have this fantastic opportunity.”

Jason Billam - Plymouth University

"Thank you very much for everything, you found the internship I really wanted."

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Alex Smarsch - Oxford Brookes University

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Jason Billam - Plymouth University
“I have always wanted to travel with my work, and experience different cultures and lifestyles. China is now a place with so much to offer due to its phenomenal growth in the last few decades.”

Jason Billam - Plymouth University

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