Short-term Business placements in the UK

Do you want to gain real business experience in the UK for 1 to 3 months?

Then our short term business placements in the UK are for you. We can even include accommodation. Perfect for people wanting to gain some worthwhile business experience in the UK during a summer holiday.

Gain business experience with real UK host companies

The UK job market is changing daily and, with it, the skills and the experience that employers are looking for when they recruit and select new graduates.

The current economy is incredibly competitive and challenging – especially for recent graduates – therefore it has been proven that having a CV that includes actual industry (international) experience is a crucially valuable asset that will distinctively make you stand out from the competition.

During your studies, regardless of your major or industry of choice, you will learn a lot by reading textbooks, hearing from guest speakers, and examining case studies – but nothing compares to gaining knowledge through actual experience in the field. That’s what our short term business placements in the UK can offer you.

Placement Year International - Short-term business placements in the UK
Placement Year International - Short-term business placements in the UK

Experience British culture by living with a British host family

Living with a Host Family will give you a glimpse into how people live in the UK. 

Families will be able to advise you on aspects of living in the UK, where to buy what you need, great local places to visit, and popular local entertainment.

Although you are an adult, whether you are travelling or living abroad for the first time , staying with a family may be easier than other types of living arrangements – some families will provide you with some of your daily meals – and it will also make you feel a little less homesick! It is not rare for our students to establish great and long-lasting relationships with their British host families!

Improve your English by being immersed in local culture

Not a native English-speaker? Use this opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and really develop your language skills.

A host family will offer you the extraordinary opportunity to be completely immersed in the local culture and hear spoken-English many hours a day while helping you develop your “ear” for the language. If your level of English is already satisfactory, you should definitely take the opportunity to consolidate and enhance your language skills and improve your vocabulary.

Your new family in England will provide a relaxed, fun, and intensive approach to improve your English by supporting your learning while welcoming you into their routine and culture in an enjoyable way. It’s a great option while doing your short term business placement in the UK. 

Placement Year International - Short-term business placements in the UK

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We keep our application process simple to make it fast, secure and easy for you and us.

Choose your work experience

A short term business placement in the UK is your opportunity to gain experience in one of the following areas: 

  • Accounting
  • Business administration
  • Business consulting
  • Education
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Retail
  • Travel & Tourism
Placement Year International - Short-term business placements in the UK
Placement Year International - Short-term business placements in the UK

Benefits of working and living in Brighton

Brighton is a vibrant city by the sea one hour south of London. It has:

  • Good sense of community where people know each other and can easily meet up.
  • Transport – easy & cheap buses, cycle paths, not too big to walk around.
  • Great location – well connected to London (1 hour by train) and other cities, 30 minutes to Gatwick airport, 1 hour 30 mins to Heathrow airport.
  • South Downs National Park – great for cycling, walking, camping, exploring nature.
  • Beach – enjoy BBQs with friends in the summer!
  • Young vibrant community and in 2018 had the highest number of new start-up companies in the UK. 

What you get

We work hard to make sure you get a lot for your money!

  • Internship – professional work placement tailored to your preferences, interests and skills
  • Accommodation with a local family (no references required). This is optional; you are welcome to find your own accommodation if you prefer. Our prices below show options with or without accommodation.
  • Gain real work experience (you will not be making coffee!)
  • Cultural immersion – working in a British business and living with a British family will help you fully integrate into the culture and develop your understanding of social norms and ways of working which you probably don’t know about yet.
  • Improve your language skills. For international students who are not native English speakers this is probably your best opportunity ever to improve spoken and written English as you’ll be communicating with native English-speakers every day. Your friends, family and future employers back home will notice a HUGE difference in you after you finish.
  • Short commute to work
  • Variety of roles and host companies
  • Given real responsibility, you are not just a number
  • Challenge yourself
  • Constant support from Placement Year International staff; our UK head office and friendly staff are in the same city
Placement Year International - Short-term business placements in the UK
Placement Year International - Short-term business placements in the UK


It’s important to be clear about what you’ll pay and receive in return.

We charge a £200 Acceptance Fee to ensure your commitment to the programme. This is 100% refundable if we can’t arrange a suitable placement.

Our Placement Fee depends on the duration of your placement:

  • 1 month: £900
  • 2 months: £1,000
  • 3 months: £1,100

Accommodation with a local host family (optional):

  • £200 per week, half board basis (breakfast and dinner included).

You are welcome to arrange your own accommodation and food if you prefer. Many of our international students like us to arrange accommodation to be sure of getting a good option in a convenient, safe location and with a friendly family. 

Optional add-ons

  • Brighton guided tour (first week)
  • Guided tour of the Royal Pavilion
  • Day Trip to Cambridge and/or Oxford
  • Karaoke
  • Old Trafford – home of Manchester United
  • Wine tasting 
  • Cooking class
  • Pottery Painting
  • Afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel
  • Boat Trip
  • i360 with guide

Contact us for more information and prices. 

Placement Year International - Visit Cambridge as part of your short term business placement in the UK

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How do I apply?

It's easy and quick!

Send your CV and Cover Letter to us using our short application form.

Please clearly state in your Cover Letter which destination and type of placement you are interested in.

Got more questions? Send us a message!

Jason Billam - Plymouth University

“I wanted to personally thank you for all the help you've given me the last few months, and for allowing me to have this fantastic opportunity.”

Jason Billam - Plymouth University

"Thank you very much for everything, you found the internship I really wanted."

Gabriela Arevalo, Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)

Alex Smarsch - Oxford Brookes University

“I arrived at the Sheraton hotel and there are no words to describe how amazing this place is and how well they treat me. I hope my work here makes up for the good treatment I get!”

Alex Smarsch - Oxford Brookes University

"I would really like to thank you for being so involved in finding my internship. It was a great thing to discover your program."

Marko Djukic - Switzerland

Jason Billam - Plymouth University
“I have always wanted to travel with my work, and experience different cultures and lifestyles. China is now a place with so much to offer due to its phenomenal growth in the last few decades.”

Jason Billam - Plymouth University

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