Kinga Socko’s Business placement in Nepal

Mar 12, 2024Case Studies

“I was looking for an affordable way of completing my placement abroad, and Placement Year International met all my expectations.” – Kinga Socko, Bournemouth University.

Kinga is studying Marketing Communication with Public Relations at Bournemouth University and joined us for a Business placement in Nepal with a management consulting company, for 5 months in Kathmandu (October 2023 to February 2024). 

What’s your background back home?

I am Polish, but I live in the UK.

Why did you choose to do a business placement in Nepal as part of your degree?

I believe knowledge from books is necessary. However, practical experience is also essential when choosing a pathway. Completing a placement year is helpful in the future while looking for a job. Still, it’s also a time for a student to decide what part of expertise he/she likes the most—the placement year opened my eyes in many ways, showing me a pathway I would like to continue.

Why did you choose Nepal?

In my private life, I love travelling. I have never been to Asia but always wanted to go! Placement in Nepal seemed like an excellent opportunity to gain work experience and life experience.

What are you doing for your placement?

I work for a consulting company in their marketing team.

I have different tasks every week. From the beginning, I was responsible for blog writing for the company’s website and email communications with customers. I have been doing a lot of research and collecting data. I also gained some digital knowledge.

I have a chance to work with the Digital marketing team, where I complete tasks such as bookmarking and creating captions for online posting. I tried to learn Photoshop. However, I quickly understood it’s not something I am good at.

An office in Kathmandu, Nepal, where Business interns in Nepal do their work

The office in Kathmandu where Kinga worked during her Business placement in Nepal

What skills or knowledge have you gained during your business placement in Nepal?

I learnt how to organise my time better and communicate my needs. Moreover, I gained some research skills that will help me, like at university.

I have been writing a lot, so I gained some writing skills. As I gained some knowledge in the industry, I also gained confidence, which I am sure will help in my next job interview.

Did you find it difficult adapting to a new working environment?

No, it took me a while to learn how to communicate and understand people with a completely different culture than mine, but I have no problem adapting. People at work are accommodating and friendly.

Have you received much support and advice from your work colleagues in Nepal?

Yes, as much as I possibly could. Everyone is very supportive and helping me with any issues.

How has your placement helped you develop as a person?

These past few months taught me a lot. First of all, I am more mature now. I learnt new problem-solving methods. Observing people and their fantastic culture helped me grow personally and develop new points of view.

I firmly believe that travelling shows people how to be tolerant, respectful and grateful. This is what I gained in Nepal.

An intern with one of her work colleagues on placement in Nepal

Kinga with one of her work colleagues at the consulting company where she did her Business placement in Nepal with Placement Year International

Do you have any useful tips for future interns?

I would tell them to relax because you know what you are doing. From the beginning, I was stressed out a lot about the process of my placements and documentation, and I had a lot of trust issues. Now I know it was unnecessary and Placement Year International took care of everything.

Why did you choose Placement Year International?

I was looking for an affordable way of completing my placement abroad, and Placement Year International met all my expectations.

From the company’s first contact, I got full support and answers to all my questions.

Since joining Placement Year International, what have we done well?

I am thrilled with our communication, everything went very smoothly. I like the monthly catch-ups, which helped me fully prepare for my trip.

I much appreciate the support I got before and during my placement 🙂

Would you recommend us to other students looking for a placement and why?

I would recommend you to other students. Especially to those who are ready to gain not only work experience but also a lifetime experience abroad 🙂 I recommend Placement Year International to everyone. My journey was worth any money!

Kinga with Roshan, CEO of the management consulting company in Nepal

Kinga with Roshan, CEO of the management consulting company in Nepal

A goodbye cake for Kinga at the end of her business placement in Nepal with Placement Year International

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Sam Galloway, University of Glasgow

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