Business placements in Thailand

Work with international and local companies based in Bangkok and smaller cities.

Our Business placements in Thailand give you an insight to working in one of Asia’s most vibrant business cultures.

Our Covid-19 Guarantee gives you reassurance and helps you plan ahead in turbulent times. 

Your business placement in Thailand

After accepting you on the Thailand programme we will match your preferences, requirements and previous training with the most suitable host company. This personal approach ensures you receive the experience and training you want and the host company receives someone with the skills they need.

Business placements can include roles in Business development, Human Resources, PR, Revenue & reservations, Sales & marketing, Social media management, Training & development. We can sometimes organise rotations giving you experience in more than one area, depending on your length of stay.

Placement Year International - Business placements in Thailand
Placement Year International - Business placements in Thailand

Who can join our Business placements in Thailand?

Business placements in Thailand are available to students and recent graduates of Business-related degrees, such as:

  • Business Administration & Management
  • Finance / Accounting
  • International Business
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing

If you have a different background then please email your CV to so we can check your eligibility. 

Professional training

You will have a work supervisor throughout your placement. This is normally the HR Manager or head of department you work in.

Your work supervisor is the main “go-to” person for all your work-related queries. They will explain your role when you arrive at the host company, arrange your work schedule, give you regular feedback, answer your questions and help solve any problems which arise at work.

If you work hard and impress your colleagues, you may be offered opportunities you never expected.

Placement Year International - Business placements in Thailand

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We keep our process simple to make it fast, secure and easy for you and us.


Our interns doing Business placements in Thailand either live in private rented apartments or staff accommodation.

If your host company has it’s own staff accommodation then you will live here with other staff from your company and food will normally be provided in a staff canteen. Alternatively, your host company will provide a private rented apartment nearby and give you a monthly food budget. 

Placement Year International - Business placements in Thailand
Placement Year International - Business placements in Thailand

Orientation & Staff support

You will receive an orientation on arrival and ongoing support from our in-country representatives.

Our UK staff will be in frequent contact with you before your trip while we make all the arrangements for your business placement in Thailand. We will arrange a group video call with you and several other interns before your trip to explain many aspects of the trip, ways of dealing with culture shock and homesickness and helping to set your expectations before you leave home.

On arrival in Thailand, you’ll be met by a nominated person from your host company at the airport who will take you directly back to your accommodation and explain the plans for the following days. You will meet your HR team for on-boarding and your friendly work supervisor will give you a thorough local orientation.

Our colleagues in Bangkok and our UK staff will keep in touch with you throughout your trip and are always available to talk to and give advice and support on Skype, Whatsapp or by email. They are also on hand 24/7 for emergencies.

If you join as part of your degree we will also communicate directly with your university Placement Office or Employability Office when necessary.

Health and safety

Your safety is our first priority.

Our staff in Thailand complete comprehensive checks before you arrive. If you join as part of your degree, we will help ensure that your university health and safety documents are checked and signed by your business placement in Thailand.

This means your university is able to verify the work placement meets their criteria. We work directly with universities on this.

Placement Year International - Business placements in Thailand
Placement Year International - Business placements in Thailand

Prices & what’s included

It’s important to be clear what you’ll pay and receive in return.

Please see our main Prices & what’s included page for full information.

Remember we’ll give you advice about the flight prices, airlines and routes and we’ll assist with your visa application.

Some universities provide insurance for overseas placements on a university insurance policy so it’s worth checking before buying your own.

How do I apply?

It's easy and quick!

Complete our short application form including uploading your CV and Cover Letter. Please clearly state in your Cover Letter which destination and type of placement you are interested in.

Got more questions? Send us a message!

How do I apply?

It's easy and quick!

Send your CV and Cover Letter to us using our inquiry form.

Please clearly state in your Cover Letter which destination and type of placement you are interested in.

Got more questions? Send us a message!

"I thank you for your support. It really was a great experience."

Fabien Shaikh, Nottingham Trent University
Nepal Business, Jan 2022

"Did a great job at finding me a placement in my chosen country and in my chosen field - especially given the difficulties of Covid and restricted travel."

Harry Moore, Loughborough University

"I always wanted to work in the UK as it has a rich culture. I have expanded my global connections. You were very helpful and informative."

Charmian Chang, University of Surrey

"I improved my communication, confidence, team work skills. Placement Year International is highly professional and organised. The communication and assistance was great, even after everything was sorted out with contracts!"

Feruza Shakir, University of Huddersfield

"Your service and that of your staff has been phenomenal!"

Geoffrey Frey, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

"I am working as sales and marketing Intern. Placement Year International could not make it any simpler. I am actively referring my friends."

Satwik Shiv, Nottingham Trent University

Mei Smith

"It is a great established company with a lovely director who is very engaging to interns. I will recommend for my fellow Bournemouth University students."

Mei Smith, Bournemouth University

Sam Galloway

"I definitely enjoyed my placement in Nepal and the process for applying was made very easy by the team at Placement Year International."

Sam Galloway, University of Glasgow

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